In the summer months the brook is often just a mere trickle but with all the extra water we've had lately it has been transformed into a fish holding haven with all types of species seeking refuge from the main torrent that has been the Severn recently. I fished a swim just back from where the brook meets the main river and what an enjoyable session it proved to be even though everything, including me, ended up covered in mud!

With very little flow on the brook I elected to fish the pole at eleven metres with a 0.75gram rig. Fishing just on and just off bottom and loosefeeding constantly with bronze maggots and a single bronze on the hook I put together around twelve pounds of small roach and dace and had bites all day, great fun!

The real good news though, is that as the week has gone on the Severn has dropped like a stone and it's now well fishable again if you pick your swim carefully. I had a pleasure session just upstream of Bewdley Bridge this week and had around twenty pounds of quality roach on stick float and maggot. It was so nice to get back on the river again after the long layoff we've had to endure. The weather forecast is for more cold, frosty weather so the levels of rivers all around the country should continue to fall. I like conditions like this and winter fishing on the Severn is one of the main reasons I moved to Bewdley in the first place.

I've got a lot of good matches in prospect over the next few weeks if the river stays good…I can't wait! All that and West Brom continue with the promotion push to the promised land of the Premier League. I went to the game against Forest and we completely outplayed them, winning 3-0 in the process. Loads of fishing and loads of football for me in the next few weeks!

Finally I'd like to wish regular visitors to this site a very Happy Christmas and successful 2001. Hopefully your rods will be permanently bent and pole elastic will be constantly flying out. Have a good holiday!