Look out for new and extremely effective lures from Masterline, in particular their Mirage and Merlin lures. Eddystone have turned the clock back big style with a range of solid tin lures using some unique shapes to give some incredible action in the water.

As a direct reaction to this new generation of salt water lure anglers, tackle importers have taken the initiative to bring in tackle which although available overseas has not been easily obtainable in the UK for some years.

Harris Lures are bringing in some great spinning rods. I have just bought a 8ft 6inch trigger grip South Bend Trophy Tamer XL rod from them, which will cast lures up to 84 grams, if you believe the advertising! Suffice to say it throws a 50 gram spinner with consummate ease.

I bought this rod to replace a Shimano Black Magnum Steelhead rod which disappeared like a puff of smoke sometime in the last year, don't ask me where it went, I really do not know. The Trophy Tamer rod is the closest I can get to it, because Shimano in their wisdom, are not bringing the Magnum, into the country any more.

What they are bringing in though, more for the Pike anglers than for salt water spinners is a kack(left) handed spinning multiplier which fits the trigger grip Trophy rod as if it were married to it. The Shimano Calcutta 251 will take about 200 yards of 10/12 pounds breaking strain monofilament and with the latest casting reel refinements will cast a 30 to 50 gram lure a long way with a silky smoothness that is good for the soul.

This outfit does some work for me, it throws a 2 oz sinker with crab baits for bass and even flounder, or a big float with worm for Pollack. In some respects it is like a mini beachcasting outfit, but much more versatile and believe me, what a fun outfit.