Firstly I'd like some dry weather to bring the river levels down and give me a chance of running a float down before the season comes to an end! Secondly I'd like West Brom to get maximum points over the festive period to keep up our promotion challenge! On Saturday along with 4,000 other Albion fans I went to Watford and what a game we witnessed. Two nil down at half time, we all feared the worst but a brilliant comeback in the second half saw us take a 3-2 lead before throwing away two points as a result of a terrible defensive mix up. Still, at half time all of us would have gladly accepted a share of the spoils. Over Christmas we've got Nottingham Forest at home, Sheffield United away, Bolton away and Barnsley at home. If we can come through that lot unscathed we are going to be in with a chance of going up I reckon.

Sunday was spent cleaning up after the latest River Severn flood. I'm lucky in many ways as my living quarters are above ground level but a lot of my neighbours are going to have a Christmas away from home as their homes have been deluged with water once again. I can't believe just how much water we've had over the last few weeks. At one stage last week there was around three feet of water in my garage again. Now, thankfully, it's gone and after much hard work with the hose pipe on Sunday the garage floor is clean once more. Thatís three times I've had to hose out in the last six weeks! I've never before spent so much time in chest waders not actually fishing.

This week I'm going to be fishing some of the local sidestreams which should be teeming with fish after al the flood water we've had. One of my favourite places at times like this is Dowles Brook, which is just a mere trickle in the summer. With ten foot of River Severn floodwater in it though it is transformed into a fish filled stream with lots of dace and roach to go for. I'll let you know how I got on next week.