The river has just burst its banks again after torrential rain over the last few days. This morning it looked like my garage was going to be flooded again but the levels are dropping now and we can see the road again! It's really frustrating right now.

I moved to Bewdley to get nearer to some quality fishing and although I enjoyed the summer barbel fishing immensely I was really excited about getting amongst the roach this winter. The last pleasure day I had on the river was way back in October followed by a match win (with roach) the following day. Since then it's been constantly flooded. The close season rulings seem even more absurd now when you think about it. We'll be lucky to have had four or five decent fishing months on the river by the time the season ends in March!

My trips to Wassell Grove and the Gloucester Canal went well. Both days are to be featured in forthcoming issues of Match Angling Plus soon and I would recommend both venues as worth a visit. Roach and bream are feeding well at Gloucester whilst at Wassell Grove you just don't know what it's going to be when the float goes under. On the day I was there I caught about ten different species of fish, all on the waggler with maggot on the hook. The venue is easy to get to being just a short drive from junction 3 of the M5. Look out for the right turn to Wassell Grove and the venue is about a mile along that road on the right.