This has been one hell of a week! I was out of the country for a few days last week and upon my return at around midnight on Monday I realised that the River Severn was about to go into flood mode as it was right up to the top of the quayside a few yards away from where I live!

When I bought the property back in March I knew there was a risk that at some stage there might be water in my garage. Little did I realise at the time just how much there was going to be for my first time! During the course of Tuesday the river continued to rise steadily. The Environment Agency informed us that this was going to be a big one with an anticipated peak of around 5.80m.

Wellies were swapped for waders and things were hastily lifted or moved in readiness. There was a strange sort of anticipation of what was coming amongst my neighbours. By Wednesday it was too deep for waders outside my home. Chest waders were now the requirement! Still the river rose and by Thursday it was six feet deep in the road outside and we were now cut off.

That afternoon was memorable though as I set up a rod and fished off my balcony into the road below. Amazingly the float kept going under and altogether my neighbour Bob Green and I shared a catch of nine chub, six dace and four roach from a slack area at the back of a wall! Another friend Lee Brisker then turned up with a boat and we were saved!!

The river has dropped back now but the mess it has left is terrible with lots of silt everywhere. I'm okay as my place is built on stilts but the cottages opposite have got a lot of cleaning up to do before they can be liveable again. My first flood… and it was a record one at that. I don't want to see any more thanks!!!