In hard rock areas where through the warmer months fish such as pollack and bass can be caught, where the fingers of rock jut out into deeper waters, by putting the spinning gear away too soon you will often miss some unexpectedly good sport.

It is a fact that during October and November, sometimes even December if the temperature has not dropped by very much, that frequently the fish that have lived the summer months on the rich pickings found on the offshore reefs will move closer to the coast in search of a feed now that the sandeel and other forage fish have moved off.

This is the time when fishing long casting plugs, leadheads and hard metal lures will catch some surprisingly good fish.

Beware of using line that is too light, rods that cannot handle a decent fish and reels that are past their prime.

My autumn spinning outfit consists of a steelhead spinning rod capable of casting lures weighing 3ozs and a small multiplier loaded with 12lb/15lb monofilament sometimes with a 20ft shockleader of 20lb fluorocarbon or clear monofilament if the fish has to be landed in rough conditions.

The combination of the XL Xtra heavy Trophy Tamer rod from Harris lures, the Shimano 251 left hand wind reel with lures such as the Masterline Mirage in blue or mackerel stripe will do the business if you are after a good outfit.