Last week the river was coming up fast and, along with most of the regulars, I decided against fishing the KDAA Wednesday match as it looked like being a 'no hoper'. Only a few anglers bothered to turn up and the match was cancelled but what followed was quite a surprise to me when I heard about it later.

Severn regular John Knight decided to have a pleasure session on peg 121, a peg known as "the glee peg" as it's thrown up lots of big weights in the past. This season it's been renamed "the glum peg" as lots of anglers, including yours truly, have failed on it. John legered with meatballs and luncheon meat on the hook for a seventy-two pound catch and he lost quite a lot of fish too I understand. Next day I decided to give the river a go myself. I fished a short distance upstream from where I live and although I never reached anywhere near John's fabulous catch I did get eight barbel for forty-five pounds. The best fish went eight pounds and it was a very interesting session.

First thing to bear in mind if you are faced with a high river like I was is, not to use too light a main line. I set up two rods; one with ten pound Maxima and the other with eight. Flat leads between one and four ounces were the order of the day depending upon how far out I fished. These were attached to the line with a link swivel and the hooklength was just a foot long ending with a size 6(which is more like a 2) Mustad Method Feeder hook.

Three of the fish came close in on half a meatball and the other five came in the flow on big pieces of meat. The bites were savage and the battles were exciting in the fast flow. So, next time you are faced with high coloured water on a barbel or chub river forget the float tackle, forget the maggots and casters and get the meatballs and luncheon meat on. Like me you could be pleasantly surprised!