On Saturday I was undecided whether to fish the BAA Severn Champs, the Birmingham Angling match at Edgbaston or Earlswood Lakes. Decisions, decisions! I couldn't help but think, here I was spoiled for choice with three good matches on the same day yet in a few weeks time I bet there will be a few weekends with no good matches at all to choose from. In the end I settled for Earlswood. Unfortunately the lake was almost flat calm and I struggled for 7.11.0 of skimmers at peg 36. I also lost five foul hooked fish so there were fish in the swim, they just weren't feeding.

On Sunday I was in the Starlets team that finished second at Edgbaston. This was another hard match with a lot of very low weights. I came fourth overall with just 13.3.0 of bream and roach from the ballroom section and with a share of the team prize, the day was well worthwhile. Team Whizzo were the top team on the day.

On Monday I went to a brilliant venue, Larford Lake between Stourport and Worcester. If its roach you are after go here. I had a load of fish between four ounces and a pound together with some lovely rudd and perch. The day was a feature for Angling Plus magazine and you can read all about it in a few weeks time. The venue is available for club matches and I would recommend it. Besides the roach, there are double figure bream to be caught together with some very big carp. All in all, a really wonderful place to fish!

On Tuesday another feature for Angling Plus, this time at Bridgnorth on the Severn. I caught a lot of small chub but the big ones failed to show. I felt sure dam compensation water was to blame and this was confirmed twenty four hours later on the midweek Bewdley match when I drew the same peg 65 which I'd won from two weeks ago. On that day I had thirty-nine pounds on the waggler. This time I struggled for twelve pounds. Most other anglers also struggled although there were two good weights recorded. I'm going to get myself a thermometer to take regular readings of the water but I don't think it's all about temperature to be honest. When the compensation water comes in the fish are put off feeding in many areas for some strange reason. I wish I knew why and I'm going to make some enquiries about it.

There are a few places left for my coaching courses on the Severn or local lakes. For more details e-mail me at Severnangling@aol.com

This week it's Earlswood again on Saturday and Bridgnorth on Sunday. Next week I'm practising at Evesham in readiness for the last John Smiths final. I'd love to win it again and will be trying really hard for a victory.