Last Saturday saw me at Carr Mill Dam near St.Helens on the Kamasan British Open final. This match was for anglers who had scored twenty or more points in the Kamasan Matchman of the Year league last term. In all around seventy anglers competed and to say most of us struggled would be an understatement. There were loads of dry nets and lots of anglers with just ounces to show at the end. I had one skimmer and one ruffe for just eleven ounces! Whilst most of us were struggling though, Paul Boothby was pulling in eighteen pounds of small skimmers for a fairly easy victory and around two grand as the reward! My day was so boring I couldn't wait for the match to finish.

On the two hour drive home my thoughts turned to Edgbaston Reservoir, venue for the following days Birmingham Parks team semi final. I couldn't possibly do any worse than I'd done at Carr Mill that was for sure…or so I thought. Twenty-four hours later I was driving back home from Edgbaston after a dry net! Whilst most of us on the ballroom bank went dry, the rest of the lake went mad with big weights of bream from all the other areas. Tom Pargetter won the match with sixty-six pounds. A couple of swims away Darren Cox also had sixty-six pounds and lots more big weights followed. The good news though was that our team was through to the final. I'll save my good draw till then!

On Monday I was out with Angling Times on a feature on the lower tidal River Severn just above Gloucester. We didn't catch loads but it was a nice place and you can read more about it in the Times in a couple of week's time.
Highlight of this week came on Wednesday on the KDAA midweeker. Forty anglers competed and when I drew peg 65 I quite fancied getting a few. I set up two wagglers one with four pound Maxima direct and the other with six pound Maxima direct "just in case". I had a lovely match taking barbel small chub and a bonus eight-pound pike, which grabbed a chub but got me instead! My total weight came to thirty-nine pounds, which was enough for first place. Two thirties and two twenty nines followed but a lot struggled with the river so low and clear.

This weekend it's Bewdley again on Saturday (Home match!) and Earlswood Bream Lake on Sunday. Dare I say it we need some rain in the river soon. Probably be in flood now next week!