Saturday was a little frustrating. I competed in the Earlswood Lakes Windmill Lake open, drew peg 23 and was a little dismayed upon arrival at the peg to find my old mate Bob Marklew sat at the next peg. Now anyone who knows Bob will tell you that to draw next to him is the kiss of death. It's got so bad he's even known as "Cyanide Bob" because just his mere presence normally sends the fish in the opposite direction!

I set up a M.A.P. 11/13 Medium feeder rod with braid on the reel and chose a line about forty metres out to begin with. At the off I introduced ten big feeder-fulls of Leeda Method feeder groundbait and brown crumb mixed 50/50. Into this initial feed went about half a pint of casters. I then switched to a smaller feeder and used in total around half a kilo of British Worm Breeders medium worms, chopped up quite fine and around two pints of casters. I also mixed in a tub of the new "Worm Dust", which incidentally, I think is brilliant having now used it a lot in the last few weeks and taken a lot of bream and carp with it. A lot of anglers have been asking me how to get hold of this product. Several top tackle shops including Fosters now stock it or you can get it and the worms on a direct mail order service from British Worm Breeders on 01455 282072.

Back to the match. Bob went four bream to one up on me at one stage but by the end I finished with eight for 14.10.0, just beating Bob's seven for 12lbs…neither of us won anything though as fifteen pounds took the section. Twenty-eight pounds won the match and eighteen pounds was needed to frame.
Sunday and Monday were practice evening sessions for me on the river. I took a good bag of chub from peg 67 on the KDAA stretch at Bewdley on Sunday and a nice bag of roach on stick float and caster on Monday night. This came from a peg just up from my house on Stan Lewis' water.

On Tuesday I was filming for the Sky Sports "Tightlines" programme. They wanted me to do a session on Feeder fishing for barbel so we fished the "pipe swim" down on Winterdyne and had a most enjoyable day. You'll be able to see the session on Sky in a couple of week's time I understand.

Wednesday saw the start of the Bewdley day matches with the draw at 10am and fishing from 12 till 5. A good midweek turnout of more than forty anglers for this one. I drew peg 122 and had one of my most enjoyable matches for ages. This swim is fast and shallow so I decided to fish a float for the whole match. I set up two M.A.P. "Severn Barbel feeder" rods with five pound main line direct to a size 14 Mustad Magnum spade hook. For the first three hours I caught small chub and odd better ones around the pound mark. During this time I fed caster and hemp but when I switched to maggot the action got a lot more frenzied with barbel coming into the equation. I lost a few which slipped the hook in the fast current but got some out to finish the match with 32.10.0 which was enough to give me second place. I was really pleased with the result as the swim isn't rated too highly. Match winner was middle Severn expert Mark Jones with thirty-seven pounds from peg 110.

Next day I was working for a French fishing magazine and we managed to fit in two sessions. In the morning we fished below Bewdley bridge on Lax Lane ford for a nice mixed bag of chub, perch and a small barbel. In the afternoon we fished the "Frenchman's swim" (seemed appropriate as we were working for a French mag) and took several quality barbel on the feeder. The best fish went 7.12.0 and took a long time to get out in the strong current.

This weekend is the Kamasan British Open at Carr Mill Lake, St.Helens and on Sunday I'm fishing with the Starlets team in the Birmingham Parks team champs semi final. Lots more fishing next week too. I just hope this nice weather keeps up, as it's a pleasure to be on the bank right now!