Besides the usual "buy me" stands and stalls from the big name tackle manufacturers, there were actually some very interesting items of fishing tackle from trendsetter companies which will cause the well established names to look to their laurels. On the other hand, maybe not, because many of us are acutely aware that most of the big names are only interested in shifting lots of boxes and actually know very little about the sharp end, you know……… fishing!!

Accurate Reels is a Californian Company which made its first fishing products in 1990. It's a division of Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation in Los Angeles which specialises in manufacturing components for the Aerospace Industry. Accurate Reels have a pedigree of hi-tech engineering which is reflected in the tremendous reputation which these reels have won for themselves in a comparatively short space of time.

What is unique about these multiplier reels is that they have two drags, one at either end of the spool so that under the stress exerted by fast and hard running fish the combined effect of a drag being exerted at either end of the spool means that the actual effort of each drag is only half that of a conventional one drag reel. Half the heat, half the strain, Accurate would argue, twice as effective!

Because of the twin drag system the reels do not have to be as big as a conventional reel. They are being used for catching fish such as giant Yellowfin Tuna in excess of 300 pounds. So for European species such as shark, conger and skate these reels should be a once in a lifetime buy.

Because of their almost diminutive size by comparison with the accepted heavy duty reels, they are utterly superb when used with the new Gel-Spun lines, Superbraid, as it has become known, the super-smooth drag system more than compensating for the lack of stretch in the gel-spun lines.
If, like me, only the best is good enough, look very seriously at the Accurate Reels, they are writing a whole new chapter of excellence in boat fishing reels.