It’s been a long day, the Sun has shone, the fish came out to play, someone else was driving so you had a pint or two on the way home…what a brilliant day out.

Two or three days later its time to sort your tackle bag out and have a clean up. Its then that you notice all the baked on Mackerel scales, the grunge caked and baked onto that nice black foam or cork handle.

So how do you clean it up??

First do not worry about standing the rod against a wall and soaking it with the garden hose, believe me you are not going to hurt the rod.

Then take a bowl of warm soapy water and wash the rod down. Use a green plastic pot scourer soaked in soapy water to gently scrub the handle, you will be amazed how the grunge cleans off and the handle will look like new and this includes cork handles.

Do not be tempted to scrub the gloss finish of the rod itself with the scourer to remove those stubborn mackerel scales. Just make sure the scales are well soaked and a gentle push with a finger nail will then shift them.

Dry the rod thoroughly with an old towel, spray the rings and metal fittings with WD40 and let the rod air off overnight before stowing it back in its rod bag.