I've had a lot of people contacting me about the Leigh Sinton fishery since I told you about it last week. Most questions were about the actual fishing and best methods and baits. Well, there are so many fish there that I think you could catch on virtually anything you tried! On the day I was there the best baits were sweetcorn, small cubes of luncheon meat, bread, and pellets. Maggots and casters simply attracted too many small fish into the swim. I also found the best place to fish was tight in to the margin. An excellent complex, well worth a visit. Oh yes and Mike from Kempsey you still owe me 99p for wrecking my pole float!

Last weekend I fished the Bewdley open and was quite excited when I drew peg 35, Brideswell Ford. It's a swim with some past form and I expected to catch well. Unfortunately the river came up overnight and effectively put paid to my chances. I struggled all match despite trying a lot of different methods and ended with about seven pounds of small fish.

On Tuesday night I pleasure fished peg 85 at Bewdley and caught really well on the waggler and big Avon float. In just two and a half hours I reckon I took around forty pounds of barbel and chub for a great nights fishing. Imagine how I felt then when I drew the same swim next night on the KDAA open match. Imagine how I felt as well at the end of the match when I'd caught just 9.10.0 of small chub and a single barbel. I was really disappointed I can tell you.

On Friday morning Des Taylor joined me for a pleasure session on a swim in the famous gulley at Winterdyne, below Bewdley. I floatfished with luncheon meat for some great chub action and really enjoyed the day.

If you are interested in fishing the area with Des or myself drop me a line to daveharrell2@aol.com We can arrange the fishing and accommodation locally, you can just enjoy yourself!

This weekend I'm competing in the Bridgnorth open
on Saturday and, hopefully, Woodlands View on Sunday. It should be a good weekend!