There have always been arguments amongst Plaice anglers whether or not multi coloured beads and various flashy attractors really enhance your catch rate. Some say that a generous bait well presented is all that is needed. Being a "belt and braces" type angler I like the idea of multi coloured beads in addition to a generous, well presented bait !!

Multicoloured 5mm or 8mm plastic beads are available from your local tackle dealer or by mail from the likes of Veals Mail Order. Plastic beads are the best, they are slightly buoyant and tend to lift the bait marginally away from the bottom, making the beads and bait more visible to the fish. Sometimes on the big tides and in areas of heavy current this buoyancy might tend lift the bait too high off the bottom and a swan shot or small drilled bullet might be necessary to keep the bait in the fishes feeding zone. Whether to use a weight on the leader is a value judgement you have to make on the day.

Avoid the use of glass beads because the constant movement of the current will constantly chip the beads against one another and the consequent sharp edges will chaff and weaken your leader.