Ever seen a bunch of rods tucked up into a corner of the boat, secured in place with a bungie cord whilst everyone is hanging on tight in their float suits and trying to find somewhere reasonably comfortable whilst the charter boat bucks its way back to port. Just a few times I hear you say!!

This is a worst case scenario for a rod and reel because there will be continuous salt water spray and the occasional five gallon slosh of salt water over all the rods and reels.

This is the time when your tackle becomes totally saturated, this is the time when corrosive salt water penetrates into every nook and cranny. This is after which you need to take time to clean, spray with WD40 and oil and grease your reel.

After conditions like this, a sponge down with soapy water to get rid of the salt is essential, especially around your rod rings or rollers. Use a soft toothbrush to work soapy water into the rings and rollers. Dry everything off with an old towel, spray with WD40 and wipe away any excess with a dry rag.

Countering the effects of salt water corrosion is a constant battle, but if you have bought good gear and want it to last, it is a battle that has to be won.