Blood knots and Uni knots are the most useful and widely used to tie on hooks and swivels.

When making a Sliding Leger using a tubular boom or slider such as the Zip slider or Knotless heavy Slida, the final knot to the hook length comes under constant attrition from the boom because of the entirely natural movement of the boom on the leader. This movement of the boom and its constant bumping against the knot, can sometimes cause this knot to fail.

This damage to the knot can be prevented by sliding a soft plastic bead onto the main line and then pulling the bead over the knot so that the knot is actually inside the bead, protecting it from any mechanical damage caused by the boom.

This works well with line up to about 30 pounds breaking strain, after which the diameter of the knot is too large to go inside the bead. I still slide a bead onto the main line to act as a cushion, but truthfully damage to the knot is of much less significance with the higher breaking strain lines.