Salt water rod rings go rusty!! It is a simple fact of life, all you can do is slow the rusting process till one day you either dump the rod or stump up fifty pounds for a custom rod builder to re-ring the rod for you.

Modern roller ring frames are made from plated brass or, like the new lightweight Aftco rollers, have their frames made from carbon fibre. 'That surely won’t go rusty' I hear you say. True enough, but, the dried salt will choke the rollers and stop them from turning as sweetly as they were designed to.

Fortunately, with quality rod rings such as Fuji and Aftco their corrosion proof finish is of such a high quality that it may be several years before the tell tale discoloration around the ring feet indicates that the corrosive effects of salt water has started its insidious work.

Fortunately the use of a WD40 aerosol can greatly extend the life of conventional rod rings, the light oil displacing any water that might have become trapped in the inevitable tiny crevices and also helping rollers to retain their free running.

After a day afloat or on the shore give your rod rings and rollers a squirt of WD40 and a wipe off with a rag, you will not hurt the glass or carbon fibre from which the rod is made and your rod will last and look a lot better for years to come.