I was using a Carbon Fibre boat rod and Super Braid line, every movement of the sinker across the bottom could be felt with a delicacy and precision which I have got to say, I am very excited about. I clearly felt the Ling (as it turned out to be) pick the bait up. What I didnít want was for the bait to be deep inside the fish because a Ling's dentures are quite nasty. So I lifted the rod to set the hook and reeled to get the fish away from the bottom. Turned out it wasnít a big fish, but it was hooked right in the front of the jaw, which made it real easy to get the hook out.

The key to this was the tackle I was using and the simple but effective Running Leger end rig. This enables the main line to slide through the Knotless Heavy Line Slida so that once a fish picks the bait up, every movement of the bait can be felt at the rod tip and if you want to consistently catch bottom feeding fish then this is the rig for you!

Start by feeding your reel line through the Slida, then a plastic bead to cushion the knot as this end is tied to a swivel. From the other side of the swivel a 3 to 5 foot length of monofilament or fluorocarbon to your choice of hook will make a Simple Running Leger. Clip your sinker to the Slida link.

If you are using "cut" bait such as mackerel, a small swivel halfway along the leader might be necessary to avoid kinks in the leader.