Catching Mackerel for bait is an enjoyable start to a days fishing. Thread up your rod and attach a set of feathers and within seconds you are fishing.

If the mackerel are there in profusion it is not unusual to catch stringfull after stringfull of these vigorous little fish, soon filling a fishbox with enough bait to keep you all fishing all day.
A useful tip is to catch the mackerel you want to eat on the way home so that they are as fresh as you can get them.

Another tip learned from experience, is to use a heavier sinker than you might think is really necessary. Two reasons, one is that the heavier sinker will get the feathers down to the mackerel much quicker and secondly it will help prevent tangles, especially if it is likely that your string of feathers can be swept under the boat to tangle with another angler on the other side of the boat. Believe me you do not want to waste time untangling two strings of multi hooked feathers.

When you first put your feathers over the side of the boat you do not know where in the water column the mackerel will be found. What you do is to count the feathers down. Take your thumb off the spool and count to five, stop the drop and work the rod up and down a few times, if the familiar vibration of mackerel hitting the feather lures is not felt, continue the drop for another five seconds, work the rod and so on till you find the fish. After you have found the fish, at for example fifteen seconds down. You can easily and quickly return to that depth by counting your feathers down.