Carrying plugs festooned with treble hooks is a price that is inevitably paid by the penitent plug fisherman. Put your hand in a pocket or bag with a few loose plugs and it is as if the semi rusted hooks have been waiting in ambush for your saltwater softened fingers. New swear words minted fresh every day could be the plug anglers motto!

Plastic treble hook bonnets are a useful addition to every lure anglers tackle stowage system. But they do not stop the darn things from tangling with one another, nor do they "air" the hooks to help prevent them from rusting.

I stole the idea of plastic plug tubes from an American friend of mine who stowed big trolling lures inside plastic drain pipe and I have got to say that the same idea but miniaturised, using alkathene waste pipe, which is available very cheaply from any DIY store, has worked very well for me over the last two decades.

Take the length of plastic pipe and cut it just a little longer than your longest plug, a medium toothed hacksaw is good. Deburr the ends with a sharp knife and a wipe around with some emery cloth. Tape however many tubes you want together with electrical insulating tape and hang your plugs inside the tubes.
When you have finished for the day, take the tubes out complete with plugs and stand it in a well aired, dry environment. I will usually squirt a spray of WD40 down the tubes to displace any salt water and leave the plugs in the tubes to air, till the next time they are needed.