Initially I thought this would be a hard one to answer because my favourite mix is usually the one we are developing at the time, but then I thought a little more about the most enjoyable times I have had fishing and realise that One mix stands above the rest.

When I first joined Whizzo back in 94 I would take a trip twice a week to a local country estate lake near Hull…Now don't go thinking 'Snobby Toad', using his influence in the trade to scank a free pass to an exclusive water, because that's not the case, I paid for my permit full price but didn't really get on with the guy in the estate office because he was an arrogant ****!

Now, like most estate lakes, this water was very shallow and overgrown around the margins. I would arrive at 4 am and start to set up my waggler rod with a 2BB insert reed float. The peg was only 24" deep at 2 rod lengths out so I would set up well back from the waters edge until I was ready to put some feed in. It was late May, so the Tench would usually show but my main quarry were the big black bream that looked as old as the lake, which was unlikely since it was originally dug 200 years previous. My choice of groundbait was always Fizzy Feed with an extra handful of crushed hemp, I would put in about 2 kg straight away and maybe top it up if bites slowed. I would also loose feed constantly with red pinkies, about 1 pt would last me 2 hours.

So, back to the choice of mix. Fizzy Feed is by name and nature a very active mix that bubbles like a Jacuzzi, especially when fish feed over it. The early morning calm was perfect for showing the first indication of fish in my swim, tell tale bubbles would break the surface tension and because I had fed in an area of about 3 feet sq, I could even see which direction the fish were entering my killing zone. A size 16 hook baited with caster and worm or corn and maggot would always put a fish in the net, within half an hour without fail. I still remember the adrenalin rush as the first fish came to the net. By now, the swim would be hyperactive and it was just a matter of keeping the loose feed going in and playing wild fish until my two and a half hours was up and I would then turn in at work. Some weeks I would fish Monday, Wednesday and Friday am, that's until the ‘caravanoracs’ arrived, and fish the swims all day.

Later that year I went back for a few sessions but begrudged paying when I saw what state the platforms had been left in after the summer madness had ended. Since then, I believe that the management of the water has greatly improved and if you are ever in the area it would certainly be worth taking a look at Burton Constable Hall Lakes near Hull.

As for Fizzy Feed, I still rate it as a first class mix that gave me lots of 30 lb nets of wise old Bream that even Mr Crabtree would have been proud of.

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