Look at the way tackle has developed over the last 20 years, the whole fishing tackle market keeps reinventing the wheel year after year and we keep upgrading our rods and terminal tackle to keep up with the Jonesís. I suppose that we are quite lucky in the Groundbait market because we are dealing with what the fish desires instead of what the angler wants.
Recently I was asked to produce a heavy feed mix for use on the big powerful rivers and canals of Holland. My contact wanted a non active mix which would go down and stay down but still have plenty of big particles to keep those hungry bream interested. Looking through the basic raw materials I quickly discarded such things as crushed hemp and nuts due to their buoyant nature. I also opted to leave out crumb, which was a bit radical but hey, Iím the Boss, sack me! After playing about with Soya and Corn feed, I discovered that a 50/50 mix bound together like dough and was very heavy. It also had the essential big feed particles and showed minimal activity in tank tests so I bagged it up and itís on itís way.

I have also mixed some up for a couple of colleagues who will be fishing the River Spui and the Voorne canal near Brielle this week. Theyíre on a fact finding trip to test the waters around Brielle for a competition we are fishing in a couple of weeks time. So, as you can see it is important to test your ideas in order to improve your performance.

So many times people have said to me that they have been using the same mix for 30 years! GREAT! Good luck I say - if thatís what keeps them happy fine - but I can guarantee one thing, thereís not a champion amongst them. It is the willingness to experiment that makes a champion, be it match or specimen, all these anglers have a thirst for the new.

Ivan Marks once told me that his favourite mix for Bream was a blend of crumb, plain sugar and strawberry flavoured Angel Delight. Week after week he would bag-up on this potent little mix until one week when he decided not to use it, inevitably his results suffered but he carried on without it, until he had had enough and, in went the fruity sweet mix and home went the trophies. I can guarantee that he is still experimenting with different mixes now, because that is the way that he thinks. That is the way that we should all think, complacency is the evil of progress and more so in the area of feed and baits than any other area of angling.
Iíll let you know how we get on in Holland in a couple of weeks.
Keep those questions coming in.

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