Tench have grown in popularity in the last 10 years on small stillwaters. I'm
not talking about the magic 6lb plus specimen that many ambitious anglers
claim to have caught but the small hard fighting fish of 6 oz that provide
great sport for thousands of us each season. With us having a mild winter
last year, a lot of these prolific small tench venues are enjoying some early
sport and groundbaiting seems to be getting their heads down already. One of
Whizzo's most popular mixes is perfect for these little green gremlins
It's 'STENCH'. This mix is a rich blend of crumb, corn molasses and crushed
Hemp. The attached pics show how in a relatively short time the mix breaks up
and creates a particle rich carpet for the fish to feed over. A few grains of
corn and casters mixed in should keep the little tinca's occupied for hours.

One venue local to myself that has a great small tench lake is Risby Park
near Beverley in East Yorkshire. Visit their new web site at:
and see what they have to offer. This year already has seen some 30 lb
nets come out and regulars reckon that someone will hit the 'Ton' very soon.

Reply to Email from Mr Howard of Sheffield.

Q. Why is groundbait so expensive for a 1 kg bag when you can buy a bag of
plain crumb for less than 1.

A. Good question. I think that I should start by agreeing that it does seem
a lot to pay for a mix when you see that some groundbaits have reached the 4
mark for 1kg. I should say that I do sometimes wonder why there is such a
jump in price but I can only speak from our own principle on this matter
Firstly the main difference is that most tackle dealers that sell bags of
plain crumb usually buy it in bulk and bag it up themselves, so the labour and
number of hands that it has gone through is minimal. On the other hand a MIX
will have passed through a number of stages before it gets on the shelf. A
mix may have up to 6 different ingredients in it, many of the ingredients
have to be ground or crushed then blended together and because of the
relatively small size of the industry all this is labour intensive and rarely
automated. Then there is the packaging and labelling and finally the
distribution, at the end of which you get a custom made mix that is designed
to do a job specific. Commercially, all involved have to make a profit from
the products in question to survive, however you will be pleased to hear that
there will be no price increase on the Whizzo range of products this year.

Enjoy your Tenching


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