We also attend every Anglers World
Holidays Roadshow and set up our stand to show the angling public our
Products and, more importantly, make ourselves available to answer any
questions. Over a period of time it seems that the same questions tend to
crop up. Of all the questions that my colleagues and I have been asked ONE
stands out "Does this-or-that product really work, or would we be just as well
using a bag of plain crumb?".

My reaction to this, which many would expect to be defensive, is simply "What do you use at the moment?". The usual reply is "I've tried them all really, yours and other brands, but I don't seem to do any better than my mates". I usually ask them "What do your mates use?". Their reply is often, "This stuff and some other that I can't pronounce" we both usually start to grin at each other at this point and I ask "are you mixing it up right?". Their reply, "I don't know!!!!!!!"

Have you ever bought a tin of paint and swore that it was a different colour
in the shop! Did you know that some colours dry two shades lighter! Knowledge
is power and ignorance is bliss and anglers the world over have the same
problems relating to their performance on the bank…What can they blame? Who
can they blame?

At this point I shall apologise to every angler that has ever picked up a bag
of Whizzo and thought 'what's this for?' I accept that some of the names of
our mixes are a little odd to say the least. C.R.A.P. for instance doesn't
sound very pleasant and G.B.H sounds a bit aggressive too. But, (here comes
my defence) we chose those names for a reason, we didn't want to patronise
our customers, sure we could call a product Super Catch 2000 but it wouldn't
catch you any more fish would it! Over two years ago we realised that there
were that many products available on the market that we needed to simplify
our naming, so we started to be more specific and more honest with our
products name. Since then we have brought out a whole range of products e.g.
Stench-for tench, Pike n' Predator, Corn feed, Irish Bag-up and Carp feed. I
hope that this policy has helped many of those confused anglers amongst you
to make easy decisions when it comes to choosing the best mix for the job. If
you still harbour the question "Does this-or-that product really work or
would we be just as well using a bag of plain crumb?" my answer will still be
the same. I do realise that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to
choosing a mix, but that problem will never go away as long as you are unsure
about the nature of groundbaiting itself.

If any of you reading this article has a question, then fire away! It is in my interest to make you as aware as possible about the benefits of Groundbait too.

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