Anglers who use mackerel or Sandeel feathers on a regular basis know without telling that the dang things have a life of their own. Sorting out a set of tangled feathers is an experience best avoided, especially when the boat is heaving and tossing and you are in a hurry to get your feathers over the side as stringfuls of mackerel come flying inboard.

A new set of Sabiki feathers will come neatly packaged and the first time out of the package they rarely tangle, but then what do you do with them. An easy way to tame them after you have caught your share of mackerel or sandeel, is to coil them around your hand and use plastic covered "freezer bag" ties to keep the coil from tangling. Then slip the coiled feathers into an individual "ziploc" plastic bag so that the hooks do not catch into everything else in your tackle bag.

If like me you prefer to tie your own feathers, avoid the temptation to put two or three sets into a ziploc bag. Donít be a meanie, every set into an individual bag, damn the expense!!