These were:

1.Carrying Agent/ Texture



4.Food Nutrients

The Fifth Element is Water, the amount of which depends on a combination of:

1. The type of mix you choose to use.

2. The type of venue, conditions and fish that you are trying to catch.

Water determines the finished texture and weight of your mix.
There are four extremes when adding water.
A fine mix with a little water added would be an ideal cloud bait for surface
fishing in winter when small fish are your target, when the fish want little

Add more water for a heavier compressed mix for bottom fishing and for
carrying loosefeed, this would be ideal for squatt fishing in deep water
for roach and skimmers.

On the other hand a coarse mix with a little water would be a great summer
feed on shallow ponds where fish compete for food and can be drawn up to the
surface for taking on the drop, you can build a big weight of carp, ide and
tench using this method.

Add more water to this coarse mix and you have the most commonly used
groundbait combination ever - the famous Pudding mix why is it that anglers
pour all the contents of their groundbait into their mixing bowl and slosh in
lots of water, how many times have you done this and ended up with a bowl of
cake mix that sits on the bottom of the pond like a beacon warning fish to
keep away from the Pudding Monster from Hell!. You don't expect to catch any
fish over this, do you, really?

Two basic rules for better mixing:
When you come to mix any Groundbait always remember:

1. Never pour all the contents of your mix into your mixing bowl only put
in 75% of the dry mix and add water little and often until the desired
texture is achieved. You can add the rest of the dry mix later and simply add
more water, if you have made the mistake of putting in too much water at the
start you still have some dry crumb left to soak up the excess water.

2. Get into the habit of mixing your groundbait at the start of your fishing
session, this will allow time for the particles to absorb the water and also
activate the binders. If you mix your groundbait and throw it in immediately
you may find that a lot of particles float to the surface, this is because
they are still dry and very buoyant, if it's ducks you're after Carry on!

Safety First

Anglers are at risk from Weil's Disease

Weil's Disease is a bacterial infection, caused by the Leptospirosis
bacterium, and is spread by the urine of rats. Water draining from farmland
ponds and areas of human habitation are usually infected with leptospirosis
to varying degrees. Whether you will catch Weil's Disease depends on the
levels of infection, what you do with the water, and how susceptible you are.
The bacteria usually enters your body via cuts to the skin, or via the nose
or mouth. Thus, anyone coming into contact with infected water or swallowing
any of it is at risk of infection.

Note that infected water does not have to look and smell like raw sewage to
be dangerous. Water which does appear polluted, or the sight of some of our
furry friends, is Warning Number One that the water is to be avoided.

To minimise the risks of infection, the only truly effective way is to avoid
contact with the water.
There is a wide range of information about Weil's Disease on the web. just
put it in the search engine and surf.

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