My mix for flatties
(flounders) was very simple but effective and consisted of 1 tin of
Pilchards, 1kg of medium Brown crumb and a couple of handfuls of sand. My pal
and I knew what each ingredient did in the overall mix, the crumb was the
carrying agent for the Pilchards which in turn acted as a great rubbi-dubbi
and attractant to create a flavour trail for the fish to find our hookbaits
in the muddy water, and the sand was added for two reasons, firstly to get
the groundbait down to the bottom quickly because of the heavy tow in the
dock and secondly to irritate the fish and disturb them from their slumbers
on the muddy bottom. We had great success on this water and would regularly
frame in matches

So essentially, you must try to understand what you are doing with a
particular mix, to help you do this I have broken the ingredients of
'groundbait' down into Four Elements:

1.Carrying Agent/ Texture



4.Food Nutrients

Anyone that takes their Groundbait serious will naturally pose the question
that most ingredients in any mix have a number of these qualities and not
just one.

E.g. Crushed Hemp can be all four of these depending on how much is used in
relationship to other ingredients in the mix. If you mixed 1 part Crushed
Hemp, 1 part Brown Crumb and added some Aniseed Powder you could see the
elements of the mix as:

Crushed Hemp = Binder & Food Nutrient

Brown Crumb = Carrying Agent/Texture & Food Nutrient

Aniseed = Attractant

This would be a very sticky mix due to the large quantity of Crushed Hemp, if
you mixed it on the wet side and compressed the balls tightly you would have
a great mix for using on deep venues for roach and Skimmers. The oily nature
of the hemp would create a waterproof-like skin around the ball and would
take 10 minutes or more to break down allowing ample time to get to the
bottom with no fear of it breaking up on the way down and drawing fish
towards the surface.

Each week I will cover a different aspect of Groundbaiting. Maybe you have
some questions that you would like answering?

Have a Whizzo weekend fishingWhizzokev

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