One of the pools has 43 different fish over 30lbs and another, which is to open for holiday angling next year, has 1000 fish over 20lbs including a couple of hundred fish over 30lbs. Such is the stocking of this lake, the owners are at the moment removing fish instead of the normal practice of putting them in. Itís opening in March next year Iíll be back in a couple of weeks to tell you just exactly how to get your hands on a place.

Just a quick note to Geoff as a thank you for looking after my slot last week. It was interesting to read his piece on debris dodging as at this time of year it really can be a pain in the rear end reeling in to discover that youíve hooked up on weed or some such other horrible nasty. Iíve got my own version as well, which is slightly different to Geoffís.

I always use a pop up at this time of year just to keep the hook clear of the bottom. In addition, I will critically balance that pop up so as to make sure that it slowly sinks to the lake bed and doesnít get dragged into the muck by the falling lead. Once the pop up has been tested in the margins for critical balance, I attach a single bait pva stringer to the hook - but hereís the trick. Instead of using a bottom bait, I will use a bright pop up. The pop up is attached to the hook using Nashyís pva tape, and using the tail of the tape, I wrap it around the hook point and shank a couple of times to mask the hook point. The rig that you now have is as secure as you can get it against hook upís in debris. The pop up stringer will hold the hookbait above the bottom while the lead settles. Once the pva dissolves, the hook bait will slowly sink to the bottom, landing on top of any debris. The stringer pop up will float to the surface, showing you that the hookbait is clear of weed or snags and will also act as the perfect environmentally friendly marker allowing you to accurately bait up. All you need to do is to fine-tune the length of the link to allow for the depth of the silt, weed or snags that you are fishing over, and you have the perfect rig for a dodgy bottom (if youíll pardon the phrase).

Happy hunting and Iíll see you next week.