Mark Ackerley's Pike Report -

Lake of Menteith - Sat 6th November

40 anglers from all over the country assembled for the 9 am kick-off. Weather was good initially but a strong wind blew up later. Fishing was with lures and deadbaits only. All fish under seven pounds were transferred to another water, all other fish were returned.

13 twenties and two thirties came out on the day. PAC committee member Bill Little had only one fish, a 30-04 on a lure! Best catch was to Dave Hill who had fish of 23, 25-08 and 32-08 on Dave Lumb 'Dolphin' jerkbaits. Each fish broke his previous personal best! Best catch to a junior was to young Danny Merrion who had a 28-12! Danny is no stranger to big fish on PAC events having had big pike from Llandegded in the past.

Both the PAC and fishery manager Quentin Glen were very happy with the way the day went.

Menteith will open up for four more days piking this winter. The fishing is exclusively for PAC members and all places have now been taken. Details of how to apply for future events can be found on the PAC website at

NEWS FLASH: From Roddy Hays

So you thought your marlin was big ? If you've gone down the old holiday fishing-trip routine and maybe even caught one of them old long-billed blue/black marlin things, I suspect you thought it was the fish of a lifetime, huh ? Pity the poor guy who recently reinacted the "old man of the sea" act south of Okinawa Island off Japan. The gnarled old fisherman struggled alone in a small boat for over 24 hours with a huge blue marlin on a hand-line, but, unlike Santiago, emerged victorious from the titanic battle. Eventually subduing it, he towed it ashore where it bottomed out a 1000kg scale, reports a member of the Okinawa Big-Game Club. It is rumoured that marlin this large have always appeared in this area for many years but no one has ever managed to catch one before. Guess this one must have been ill or something, right ?!!

MARTIN JAMES REPORTS that the River Ribble is fishing well for chub at the moment:

"With a hooligan of a gale force wind and the promise of rain I wasn't too sure I wanted to go fishing, but having finished editing this weeks At The Waters Edge programme, there was still some 5 hours of daylight remaining when I left the studio. As I passed over the river Ribble, I stopped at Grindleton bridge and noticed the river level was at the 2 foot mark on the gauge. Perfect for chub and barbel, so I headed for one of my favourite swims in a small wood near Clitheroe where it would be sheltered from the strong wind.

I introduced some mashed bread then took the water temperature. It was 52 deg F. The water was nicely coloured and a few grayling were rising, it was that mild. Despite the wind, several insects were on the wing in this sheltered spot. I tackled up with a 12 foot rod, Mitchell 300 reel (1950's vintage, why change a tried and tested model). The spool filled with 6lb bs line which was threaded through the guides. I then tied on by using a five turn tucked blood knot a size 4 Partridge Jack Hilton barbless hook. A few inches from the hook I pinched on one of the new LG shot. Bait was a bit of crust.

I introduced another handful of mashed bread then cast upstream allowing the bait to come down stream as one would a nymph. As the baited tackle came level with me, I lowered the rod tip and fed some line through the guides so the bait would continue downstream. It had travelled a few more feet when a fish decided it wanted to eat my crust. The answering strike connected with a nice fish. After a brief struggle, a fish of 4-5-0 was netted.

In the next hour or so I had seven more fish all 4lbs plus, the best at 4-12-0. The swim died so I introduced some more bread mash, then moved upriver to fish a stream mouth. After some twenty minutes without a bite, I moved back downstream to my original spot. I decided to anchor a big bit of crust alongside the roots of an old oak tree and pinched on another shot. Then, baiting with a big bit of crust, I cast out. I tightened down to the bait and sat holding the rod with the line over my index finger. With some ten minutes of daylight left the tip pulled round. As the pressure on my finger increased I struck and felt a good fish surge off downstream. After a good scrap I netted a super looking chub which I felt would be a good five. It turned the scales to 5-8-0. My second five pounder in the past week. A quick picture and the fish was returned - hopefully I will catch it again when it's a six pounder. This fish was a young looking specimen in perfect condition. One of the best I have caught in the past couple of years."

More Ribble Chub!!

Big Ribble chub catch

Heavy rain on Friday made several northern rivers un-fishable. One river in top condition on Sunday was Lancashire's river Ribble near Preston. The river had some two feet of extra water but was dropping and clearing when George Watson arrived for a chub fishing session. 54 year old George Watson of Manchester chose to fish the river after hearing on BBC Radio Lancashire about the chub and barbel that were being caught. George used swim feeder rig and casters on a size 12 hook to 3lb line and caught 27 chub for an estimated weight of over 100lbs with most of his fish being around the 4lbs mark. During the session George used 4 pints of casters and maggots to keep the fish shoaled up. George said "Its my best days fishing in 30 years. To fish this stretch of river you need a Preston Centre card available from Carters tackle shop of Church Street Preston.

TIM KAY of Hermitage Holidays reports a bit of fish stocking news which might turn on one or two carp anglers:

"Last week we did a stocking at Maleon - 145 fish - all mirrors were delivered from Poland. 15 fish between 15 & 20lbs, 100 20's - mostly round the 26-27 mark and 30 thirties - the biggest was a 38! There was a real mix of fish, lots of Italian type dustbin lids, the rest were a variety which is widespread in Poland. They are a fairly stocky fish, although some are quite long, but the real beauty of these fish is the very distinct colour - almost navy blue on the top and light gold below the lateral line. As I said, they have all come from a Polish Fish Farm and are very fast growing fish - we bought some for the Hermitage and saw some spectacular growth rates - 15lb fish gained 8lbs in less than a year!

We have another delivery of approximately 150 20 pluses due from Poland in 3 weeks and on the 12th of November, we are due to receive a consignment of French fish - all will be over 20 and we have been promised at least 10 forties in this batch with more to come next year.

We estimate the current stocks are now:

420+ 20s 110 + 30s 15 + 40s

These figures do not reflect the next two stockings!"

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